Q-Panel - Consulting

Q-Panel, a mid-sized designer and manufacturer of environmental test equipment, came to TTS looking for a simple design update and translation for their corporate website. They were ready to buy off the shelf services, and most firms would have been delighted to sell them their requested solution, and then later any changes needed after the fact to fit their real needs as they became apparent. TTS does not take that approach.

TTS consultants sat down with Q-Panel's project manager, delved into their plans for future information expansion and long-term worldwide delivery needs, and designed two tiers of viable solutions. Our process was designed not only to meet the needs Q-Panel had already identified, but to help them explore how their future plans might impact their options. When presented with these considerations, Q-Panel administration was armed to make the most effective choice within their budget and time constraints. They chose a database-driven approach with online administration capabilities that will ease their ongoing management burden.