Technical Translation Services offers a complete spectrum of in-house services to handle the foreign language deployment needs of global business, from translation and typesetting of individual print and multimedia projects, to complete enterprise-wide foreign language content management solutions, web development, and ongoing workflow and multilingual information delivery systems. Why? Because this offers total process efficiency and simplicity, which are the keys to successful foreign language projects.

We truly offer the greatest breadth of integrated internal services in the industry. There are hundreds of translation companies that have sprung up in the past decade that claim to offer complete foreign language services. In reality, these companies usually perform only one or two functions themselves and simply cobble together several different outsourced services to form a single retail package. This consolidation may offer a customer some simplicity in ordering services, but that is where the benefit ends.

At TTS, our product offerings are true in-house services that have evolved from our 32-year history of serving clients, and that rest on the core strength of our centralized project management. The bottom line is that our offerings work together seamlessly, with centralized management, clear channels of communication, and a single point of contact for our clients. All of the members of a TTS project team--from the digital video editor to the proofreader, from the IT specialist to the translation team leader--are tied into the same information flow under a single project manager and single CATT database. The total systemic efficiency that results when all the parts truly cooperate and communicate--as opposed to simply being bundled together--drives cost and cycle time down, while subjecting the whole project to a single, trackable quality control process.