Leveraging the power (and avoiding the pitfalls) of distributed translation networks.

Our business was built on the quality of our translation and this remains a defining strength at TTS. The translation landscape has changed rapidly since the advent and popularization of the internet. The ability to leverage the benefits of speed, cost reductions, and specialization that distributed networks can bring--while avoiding the inherent dangers and maintaining overall quality and consistency--is the measure of a modern translation service. This is precisely where TTS excels.

With the onset of easier access to translators via the internet, there was a rapid emergence of new translation companies. Many of these companies are simply retailing the services of an almost random sampling of internet translators, usually with no selection criteria beyond price and a minimal review of qualifications. This is inevitable because without a background of proven experience in translation, there is no basis from which to build a quality translation network.

At TTS, we understood both the potential and the dangers inherent in the technology revolution, and recreated our business model specifically to address this development. The indispensible asset for this transformation was our 32 year history of delivering the highest quality product in the industry and our intimate knowledge of the best translators for each industry segment. Based on this initial core competency, we devised a ranking system of blind peer review and client feedback that allows us today to efficiently manage a distributed network of over 280 expert technical linguists in 42 languages, all standardized on our enterprise wide computer aided translation tools (CATT) and all maintaining the high quality that built our reputation. This managed network allows us to assemble highly specialized translation teams that are more precisely matched to specific subject matter and target locality.

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