In 1977, the cutting edge of translation technology was the photo-based Asian typography machine like the $50,000, 1200-pound Morisawa . Technical Translation Services was one of the only agencies in the United States to purchase these new Asian publishing machines and train several full-time operators on them. In 1985, the cutting edge was the new Macintosh personal computer and desktop publishing systems. By 1986, all our offices had been fully equipped with Mac SE’s and custom foreign language fonts, as we became the first major agency to offer complete foreign language DTP support. In 1994, database software tools were developed that allowed translators to identify material that was repetitive or had been translated in previous client jobs. TTS tested and deployed these tools immediately, and our clients have been enjoying the benefits of knowledge-based translation for 10 years--while other agencies are just discovering and tackling the learning curve with programs like Trados now. Today, we are one of the only agencies making a significant investment in IT personnel specifically trained for custom multilingual deployment projects.

TTS has a long history of being an early technology adopter. We firmly believe that while it may be a bit more costly up front to deploy cutting edge technologies, this is the only way to build market-leading expertise into our human resource base by the time a technology is mature. When clients partner with TTS, they are assured that whatever advances in technology bring to multilingual deployment, we will be first to bring them to their projects.