Texas Instruments - Localization

Three weeks before a major industry conference key to their DLP marketing efforts in several languages, Texas Instruments was informed that a major element of their marketing campaign for Digital Light Processing technology needed to be multilingual. This was an interactive CD authored in Macromedia director, with audio, video, Flash animation, and a GUI with software installers, and it needed to be delivered in both Mac and PC compatible formats.

Technical Translation Services was the only TI service partner with resources to handle all the aspects of this project. Our multimedia specialist immediately dissected a project that had been in continuous development at TI over the course of a full year, applying our standard workflow for complex multimedia projects. Within one week the material was completely translated and professional recording began in our audio studio while the GUI and installer software and subtitled video was localized concurrently. By the end of the second week, all of the elements were in place and testing and final review proceeded. With TTS's consolidated services and direct cooperation with the CD duplicator, we enabled TI to hit a target date that they had originally considered impossible. Even under the tight production schedule, every phrase and term in the project went into TI's CATT knowledge base for future use.