Siemens - Translation

Siemens Corporation, based in Germany, needed to bid on a French nuclear power plant design for the European market. This will be the newest nuclear powerplant to be built in many years and sets a new precedent for the future. Plans and safety specifications for a nuclear power plant involve reams of highly technical material. Couple this with a tight timeline, and Siemens found that it’s internal translation resources could not be effectively organized to handle a job of this scope. Siemens reviewed the available industry providers and chose TTS, a longtime Siemen’s partner, for this time and mission critical project.

Keys for this project were rapid scalability of qualified technical translation resources, documented quality control, and team-wide CATT-based collaboration to ensure consistency across the expanded translation team. Our centralized project management was able to provide Siemens with constant progress updates and served as a simple single point of contact when the hierarchical priority of project elements changed.

Throughout the project, TTS maintained 100% on time delivery and 100% translation acceptance with some of the most difficult technical material possible.